Beyond This Point Lies Nothing

by Rumors of Betrayal

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released June 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Rumors of Betrayal Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Direction
your path lies before you. don't wait for answers.
Track Name: Learn To Swim, or Die Trying
too late. you've already broken the dawn. rest easy. rest in peace. i am your god. breathe in these words. hold them tight. you are nothing. come, and break this barrier between life and being alive. there are no more chances. this is what you’ve waited for. we’re all just wasting time. too late for warnings to bring us back to ourselves. we’re a broken mess in this frozen world. it’s all we’ve ever known. this world will be let down. forget all you’ve known. i am the last one. break away. wake up. your lonely heart has nothing to lose. we all are running from someone’s eyes tonight. we are all awake. i swear we’re coming soon. i will break down. break this barrier and fly. we’re coming soon. i will break you down. this killer’s heart has eyes for only you. reach out and take your abandoned soul. breathe in. breathe out your life. i will be the end of your existence.
Track Name: Prophets
i heard them say, “who watches the watchers? who sees what they see?” i’ll hold my breath and exhale in eternity. you were the one worth dying for. come to my side. return to me. these are just words we say. what do they mean to you? this is all your fault. you were the one worth leaving here. i am done. i am gone. we are your last chance to live. your eyes are a wishing well, buried six feet into hell, speaking what time will tell. i’ve seen your prophets cry. i’ve heard your prophets lie.
Track Name: Heal Your Wounds
do you remember the fall and where we came from? your mind is racing here. don’t think. don’t write this down. these words will bury you in time. i will take this from you. this is not the answer i was looking for in your eyes. i will abandon hope. so take your time, and write these words on my lungs until this moment’s passed. follow me to the edge of your life, and learn to breathe. wake up. the lights are turning on. this is not the end. i will rescue your broken body. call out my name. take this down, and burn. bury your head. this heart gone. right where you forgot me, i will sit and wait for the light to guide me home. come down, and take what’s yours. we have nothing left. crying out for anything to heal your wounds.
Track Name: Beyond This Point Lies Nothing
i will rain fire down from the heavens. burn this city. sear the hills. do try to reach out for relief. you will find nothing here. all hope is lost. beyond this point lies nothing for you. i will wait for you. return to me here. we will fade away. burn this to the ground. we have no more time to waste. this is what they told me. “close your eyes, and wait for the pain to run down your face. we both know this is the last chance we have to save ourselves.” run. no one will be safe here. you have no hope for survival. you are all lost. i will cut these legs from beneath your body. so crawl face to the dirt, and beg for mercy.
Track Name: Devastator
pull down these walls. breathe in your life and death. accept the fate i give you. these are your last moments alive. drink them deep. “murder,” they call me. my fate lies behind locked doors, where your body lies with smoke and flame surrounding you. i will tear into you. i will rip out the pieces of your heart. follow me to the gallows. this is your final breath. this is the way it will end for you this time. these walls will bring you down. i will hold you here. these walls will hold you. i will pull you. these walls. this prison. you have no home.